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About you

Everyone has an about us, but really, this is all about you!  We are #Aiken4Aiken.  Aiken was a planned city that developed around the terminus of the South Carolina Canal and Railroad Company, and named for it’s President, William Aiken.  This city was founded on transit, so how appropriate, we use transit again to continue building our community. 

Now that is about you, we continue the community building through transport.  Freeloader is #Aiken4Aiken, with Aiken entrepreneurs solving a problem for Aikenites, and providing it for FREE.  We are here to celebrate you, as members of our great community.  Aiken has character, and Aiken has characters.  Freeloader is here for the characters!

Working downtown, I constantly hear complaints about parking, particularly during large events.  Freeloader has made parking so much easier, and I don’t have to feel guilty about taking up a potential customers parking space with my own car.  Freeloader is a win for everyone.


Manager, Whiskey Alley

We are Available 24/7!

Freeloader will bring you to your favorite spots downtown!

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