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Everyone can use a little cash!  You, me, everyone!  Well here is your shot free loader!  We are talking FREE CASH!  FREE, FREE, FREE.  We are continually mastering the art of free, and free for the better of our community!

1st step:  Be sure you sign up for the chance to climb inside of the FREELOADER and grab all of that cash you can. 

2nd step:  Show up to Amp the Alley, on Thursday August 2nd, listen to great live music, grab some dinner at Whiskey Alley, and look for the Freeloader parked in the middle of the Alley!


3rd Step:  Grab, Grab, GRAB!!!!  You will be blindfolded and take a seat inside the only free ride in town.  Then, you will be blasted with gale force winds and Benjamins!!!  We are talking dolla dolla bills y’all.  After a hard fought 60 seconds, you can keep all of the cash you grab!!! Hosting the event will be the lovely staff at South State Bank, who will be on site to help set you up with a new checking or savings account.  You can take all the money you have left after dinner at Whiskey Alley and start a new bank account with a group of folks who care about their community, and care about you! 

You can’t beat FREE!    


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