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You care about our city and so do we.  We have all been working to make downtown better, revitalize it, keep it thriving.  The parking garage that was proposed back in 2016 was said to create 250-350 additional parking spaces for downtown.  It would have interrupted and potentially closed some businesses in the process.  As a team, we realized that when you want to help your town, sometimes you just gotta go out there and help your town.  No tax money was spent on consultants.  Nobody’s time was wasted with meetings and proposals.  Millions of tax dollars weren’t spent on a parking garage.  We figured that there was plenty of parking not being used as it is, so why not make those spaces more available?  Now, all of the businesses can work together, M’Aiken Space for patrons, particularly the older or impaired, by having employees park a little further out, without any concerns of safety or inconvenience.  Just a small town problem, fixed by small town folk!