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M’Aiken Space in Downtown.

You care about our city and so do we.  We have all been working to make downtown better, revitalize it, keep it thriving.  The parking garage that was proposed back in 2016 was said to create 250-350 additional parking spaces for downtown.  It would have interrupted...

Safety First!

Parking is more than an issue of physical steps you have to walk from your car to the front door of a business.  Particularly at night, there is always the concern of safety.  Freeloader provides the best of both worlds.  Firstly, every parking space is right up...

Stuff We All Get!!

You get a free ride... and free stuff?  That's just way too good to be true.  Well, believe it.  This is the ride that keeps on giving.  Our enablers are among some of the most giving in the game, and so they are going beyond just providing you with a free ride. ...

It’s really about community

From the moment you sit down inside of a Freeloader, you are in the knowledgeable care of a local expert.  They know the places to eat, the places to drink, and where to look for a house.  They know who to bank with and who to call for legal advice.  Your driver, is...

You got a phone? You got Freeloader!

It is literally that simple, and fun!  You don't need another app.  You don't need to memorize a crazy phone number.  Just text "Freeload" to 555888 and play along!

The Polaris Gem e6

The Polaris Gem e6 is a low speed electric vehicle, capable of transporting 5 passengers and a driver.  

Parking spaces near the Alley in Downtown Aiken

Businesses near the Alley in Downtown Aiken

Parking spaces per business

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Shout out to the enablers

These are the people making Freeloader possible for you!

Yea, they’ve got more Whiskey than anyone else around, but the big surprise, they’ve also got the best food around too.  With specials that rotate daily, there is always something new try.  Be sure not to miss the Tue and Wed $10 Bourbon, Beer, and Burger Special! 

Enjoy a good beer, but not the wait at the bar?  No problem.  Check out the Alley Downtown Taproom.  Using the latest RFID technology, simply swipe your card, get a bracelet, and become your own bartender.  You don’t even have to have full beers.  With over 40 taps to choose from, you can literally sample by the ounce if you’d like.  When you find one you really love, fill the pint, and walk around the alley and mingle.

 It is appropriate this Enabler is featured on our electric Freeloader.  Dumpster Depot is a recycling company with the goal of zero waste.  They are the only recycling service in the area to have diverted over 50% of their collected to waste from landfills.  They also have an events department that handles waste and porta pottys at large events.

Located in Downtown Aiken, Trinity on Laurens is the only non-profit, faith based continuing care in town.  Residents have the highest care, while also having all of the attractions of Downtown Aiken at their doorstep.  Retirement to the South’s best small town, where everyone knows your name, has never been more charming.

With locations in Aiken, North Augusta, and Augusta, this South Eastern Bank has ensured success by running their business with relation based banking.  As they continue to evolve, they make sure to always start the same way, but taking the time to make sure things are just right for their customers. https://freeloadershuttle.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/South-state-bank.jpg

At high end hotels you will find a concierge, someone who is in charge of personally crafting and tailoring the best experience for you.  The real estate agents at Concierge Real Estate take the same approach, bringing a very personal touch to their real estate boutique.  Aiken is a place with a lot of hidden treasures, and the folks at Concierge are here to help you find them!


With six years in The Second Judicial Circuit Solicitor’s Office in Aiken County, Chandler knows his way around the court room.  Whether you are looking for representation for an accident on the job, drug testing, DUI charges, personal injury, or recovering losses, The Chandler Law Firm will be diligent in ensuring you get the best possible outcome.

Freequently Asked Questions

Is this for real?
I know this seems too good to be true. So before you get all skeptical on us, lets see if we can answer some questions before you even ask them.
Is it really Free?
How can it be free?
Its simple, Enablers make it possible. Enablers are local business people who want to make downtown better, so they sponsor the cabs, giving you free rides, unique deals, and insider information. Its a win, win, win!
Do I tip the driver?
They driver gave you a free ride, some great information, and a fun time, yea, give em a tip!
How do I ride?
The simplest answer is, “in style.” Everything about it is simple really. Download the app, text “freeload” to 555888, or just wait anywhere along the route and a driver will be by shortly.
Can I become a driver?
If you have a license, a friendly disposition, and a craving for great deals before ANYONE else knows about them, then, DEFINITELY.

Have a differint Question?


“Give a man a ride, and they will always have shotgun. Teach a man to Freeload, and they’ll quit bugging you forever.”
Alexandrea Kneece
“My mother used to tell me that I couldn’t get anywhere freeloading. Now, not only do I go everywhere easier, but I’m also the mayor!”
Rick Osbon

“This used to be way harder, Papi!”

HotRod G!

Why Choose US

Parking is easier

Every parking spot is the close spot when you use Freeloader. Don’t waste time driving around the block 10 times.

M'aiken Space

Employees can park further away, providing more spaces for customers and mobility impaired.

Did we mention Free?

It doesn’t cost you a thing. Zip. Nada. Nothing!
We are Available 24/7!

Freeloading is the future of transit and of marketing. This is a proactive way for local businesses to solve local problems their way, with innovation and creativity.